10 Worst Things Carnage Has Ever Done

Who hasn't wanted to mind-control a whole town?

Marvel Comics

As the evil symbiote that was created to make Venom appear comparatively wholesome, Carnage has done more than his fair share of terrible things in his free time.

As the poster boy for Marvel's most depraved and unhinged villains, any time the alien-possessed serial killer isn't breaking as many laws and moral codes as possible almost seems like time wasted, because the whole purpose of the character is to do things that would make any other villain look too bad.

If he's not torturing whole restaurants and cities, he's trying to kill those near and dear to him - which generally involves more attempts at killing family members than you'd get in roughly a season of Game of Thrones. In a sense, this is the highlight of Carnage as a character, because you know that any time he appears in a comic that some unmistakably awful stuff is about to go down.

While this continual violence does make the symbiote and his host kind of predictable, you don't come to a Carnage comic expecting a murder mystery - you come expecting just the murder, and you're never disappointed.


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