10 Worst Things Doctor Strange Has Ever Done

The worst demons that Doctor Strange has dealt with are his own.

Doctor Strange
Marvel Comics

As his name suggests, Doctor Strange has some of the... strangest stories in Marvel comics. He's allied with Merlin and Isaac Newton, encountered a giant rabbit and a hookah-smoking caterpillar, and teamed up with a duck to fight an evil book. (I promise that last one is true).

Although Strange's stories are filled with trippy artwork and zany characters, it cannot be stressed just how dangerous his job is as Earth's magical protector. Strange fights demons on a daily basis. He battles planet-sized monsters and universe-devouring entities every other week.

To do his job, Strange has to harness dark magic that he doesn't truly understand. Sometimes, he's had to ally with his enemies to face an even deadlier foe. Other times, he's been forced to fight his friends for the greater good. A lot of times, Strange has caused more damage than good because he failed to comprehend the ramifications of his actions.

He makes mistakes. There are times when his temper gets the better of him. Sometimes, he screws up because he doesn't know what to do. Strange is the world's most powerful sorcerer but that doesn't mean he's perfect.

10. He Was Doctor Doom's Teacher

Doctor Strange
Marvel Comics/Mike Mignola

When Doctor Strange found himself in debt to the despotic dictator, Victor Von Doom, the Sorcerer Supreme was forced to teach him the ways of black magic. Doom intended to use this power to rescue his mother's soul from Hell.

The two warlocks ventured to Hell where they battled Marvel's version of the Devil, Mephisto. In the end, Doom was successful with freeing his mother's spirit from the clutches of evil.

Sounds like a happy ending, right? However, Strange's decision to amplify Doom's magical abilities had serious ramifications for the Marvel universe. In the 2003 story, Unthinkable, Doom unleashed a horde of demons on his nemesis, Reed Richards, and trapped Richards' son, Franklin, in Hell. Doom was only able to accomplish this magical spell because Strange taught him how to open a portal to Hell.

Over time, Doom became the most powerful sorcerer on Earth save for Doctor Strange. He has used his dark magic time and time again to torture and kill his enemies.

The Sorcerer Supreme only fulfilled his debt to Doom because he believed the mad monarch had noble intentions. In hindsight, Strange realised that he is directly responsible for making the deadly Doctor Doom even deadlier.

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