10 Worst Things Doctor Strange Has Ever Done

9. He Endangered People Because They Called Him A Fraud

Doctor Strange

Although Strange was arrogant as a surgeon, readers assume he let go of his ego and learned humility after the car accident that ended his career.

Despite the fact Strange is now the magical guardian of Earth, he is still an arrogant jerk from time to time (as the rest of this list will demonstrate). In one story, a group of journalists ask to interview Strange so he could discuss his experience with magic. When Strange refuses, the journalists call him a fraud.

Strange was so petty, he allowed the journalists to play with an ancient relic that banished them to a dimension ruled by the monstrous magician, Tiboro. Tiboro is so dangerous, he actually ruled the world for a brief time thousands of years ago. Nevertheless, Strange believed it was totally reasonable to have these men imprisoned in Tiboro's dimension. After the warlock terrorised the men, Strange showed up, defeated the villain, and transported the journalists back to the Earth.

Okay, that's a jerk move but at least the men learned not to doubt Doctor Strange, right?

No. Strange wiped the men's memories of the incident, making the entire ordeal utterly pointless.

Sadly, this isn't the only time Doctor Strange has wiped someone's memory.

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