10 Worst Things Robin Has Ever Done To Batman

Boy Wonder? Well, that's one way of putting it...

DC Comics

Whether on the pages of our favourite DC comics, on TV, in the movies or in video games, Bruce Wayne's relationships with the many and varied incarnations of Robin have been as complex and dynamic as the legendary duo title would imply.

Mentor, drill sergeant, surrogate father, literal father; Batman is many things to many people.

As for Robin, this mantle has been passed from sidekick to sidekick since Bruce first made the fateful decision to take the newly-orphaned Dick Grayson under his wing.

But what happens when things go wrong?

As with any relationship, and especially one as intense and emotionally charged as that of Batman and his Robins, things are not always great and often descend into chaos and trauma.

Whilst ultimately grounded in respect, admiration, trust and - ultimately - love, things have often gone very wrong for Batman and Robin, with the latter often being the aggressor in these tense and often violent situations.

It is more than fair to say that Batman has himself doled out some highly questionable treatment to his crime fighting charges, but all of the Robins are equally guilty of meeting out punishment of every kind to Bruce (except Carrie Kelley; she's pretty much infallible). Here are some of the worst examples...


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