10 Worst Things Spider-Man Has Ever Done

9. He Had An Affair With A Betty Brant

Superior Spider Man Kills Massacre
Marvel Comics

Betty Brant was the first love of Peter Parker's life. As J. Jonah Jameson's secretary, she met Peter in one of the earliest Spider-Man comics when he first started selling pictures to the Daily Bugle.

The two were clearly attracted to each other and the previously shy and awkward Peter's newfound confidence as Spider-Man gave him the courage to ask her out. Peter and Betty dated for a while, but eventually the relationship fizzled out. However, the two remained very close friends as they both continued to work at the Bugle.

A few years later, both Peter and Betty found themselves in a rough spot (well ok, for Peter it was more that his life had been in a rough spot since Day One). Pete had just had his marriage proposal turned down by Mary Jane and Betty's marriage to fellow reporter Ned Leeds was falling apart.

Looking for comfort, Betty went to her old flame and threw herself into his arms and the two began to kiss. The scene then cut to several hours later, leaving it ambiguous as to how far Peter actually went with Betty. Still, he seemed more than willing to get his spider socks off with an already married woman.


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