10 Worst Things Superman Has Ever Done

9. Eviscerating Doctor Light - Trinity War

The Adventures of Superman Annual #3 Maxima
DC Comics

The New 52 was a strange time for DC Comics. Deciding on a complete rebrand for its characters and titles, this relaunch left an immediate bad taste in the mouth of many long-time comic book fans for how it presented certain heroes and villains, and also for the utterly miniscule amount of female voices involved creatively. And right at the front of such backlash, there was Superman.

Amongst some of the major criticisms delivered in the direction of this iteration of the Man of Steel, he was a brash, selfish ass whose 'one true' was Wonder Woman rather than Lois Lane. For sure, this was a bold new direction for Superman, but it was a new direction that many took umbrage with.

In terms of particular New 52 moments that pissed off the masses, look no further than Supes' actions against Doctor Light in 2013's Trinity War.

While someone taking a shot at your beau is never a cool thing, Regular Superman wouldn't go as far as murdering that someone. Not in the case of New 52 Superman, though, for he uses his heat vision to literally melt the head of Doctor Light after Light accidentally fired an energy blast at Wonder Woman.

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