10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Deadpool

From decapitations to heartbreaks, the Merc with a Mouth has endured ungodly suffering.

Marvel Comics

Part-time X-man, part-time parent, full-time Batman fan, the murderous mercenary from Canada - Deadpool - has become an all-time fan-favorite comic book "hero" and has lived through a lot, thanks to a healing factor that's on par with the shorter, angrier Canadian, Wolverine. And much like the three-clawed Avenger, Deadpool has suffered pains that are simply unimaginable anywhere besides the pages of a comic book.

While many will point out the ungodly amount of physical trauma inflicted on the self-aware comic character as the worst things to happen to him, the sheer amount of emotional and psychological trauma that has also been endured by Wade Wilson has only been slightly touched upon by the popular films, but in his comics, you can find plenty of examples.

The emotional and physical torment Deadpool has unfortunately lived trough has been for the most part completely ignored by his fellow mutants and team members, and even by himself from time to time. From the loss of everyone he's ever cared about to his failed attempts at suicide, the mutant formerly known as Wade Wilson has had to deal with quite a lot in his unnatural life.


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