10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Hulk

9. Killed By Deadpool - Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Hulk White Thumb
Marvel Comics

In an alternate, but so very similar version of the main Marvel universe, Deadpool suddenly hears a new voice in his head. This voice knows things, things that, upon learning, Deadpool decides can have only one sane response: kill EVERYONE.

Now, you would think his crusade would have certain insurmountable obstacles, one of which being - of course - The Hulk. And sure enough The Hulk makes quick work of Wade, ripping him apart piece by piece until he seems to stop regenerating, and his chatterbox of a head sits silently on the ground. Satisfied, Hulk finds a nice cave somewhere and takes a nap.

And then Deadpool finds him.

See, Deadpool knew fighting The Hulk would not end well, but Bruce Banner, whom The Hulk turns back into when he sleeps? That's another matter. Bruce has just enough time to wake up and see Deadpool looming over him, before he gets his bloody head chopped off.


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