10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Hulk

8. Lost Jarella - Hulk #205

Hulk White Thumb
Marvel Comics

The Hulk has had many women in his life, some sticking around longer than others, but one factor that joins them all is that having a love affair with Bruce Banner/The Hulk/both NEVER ends well. Ever.

Case in point, the tragic tale of The Hulk's first epic romance - Jarella of The Microverse.

Jarella was the ruler of a civilization that existed purely within the confines of The Microverse, which Hulk visited during one of his adventures. When The Hulk showed up, Jarella had her court wizards fuse his and Banner's minds together so they could communicate, and the two soon fall in love. Jarella even decides to take a holiday from her home to visit Hulk's world.

However, when the villain of the week unleashes a robot on the city, Jarella is caught by some falling rubble when she pushes a helpless kid out of the way.

Hulk takes her to Doc Sampson, the only doctor Hulk actually trusts, but sadly, it's too late for her. Enraged, Hulk stomps up to Doctor Strange for magical assistance, but when that doesn't work, Strange just lets him go to town on the Sanctum, knowing that he just needs to let his friend vent his emotions the only way he knows how.


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