10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Scarlet Witch

9. She Accidentally Created A Horde Of Zombies

Scarlet Witch House Of M
Marvel Comics

At this stage, we all know the horrors of House of M. Those three fateful words with irreparable consequences. The moment that has haunted Wanda ever since.

For years she searched for ways to atone for what she did that day, but has never been able to shake the guilt, or bring back the mutants that were lost. However, as war loomed in Empyre, Wanda had an idea that would finally right her wrongs... Or so she thought.

Having consulted with Doctor Strange, who told her with no uncertainty that reversing the events of House of M, Wanda decided to try to fix another mutant tragedy and headed to Genosha. Eight months of study and searching later and she had what she needed.

Wanda had finally accepted that she could never undo what happened all those years ago but with her next act sought redemption as she gave life to all those who perished in the Genoshan Massacre.

The spell was so powerful that it knocked the Witch unconscious, only for her to awaken surrounded by millions of mutant zombies. Thankfully, this was something Strange could fix, but for thirty days, war returned to Genosha.


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