10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Scarlet Witch

8. She Was Possessed By Chthon TWICE

Scarlet Witch House Of M
Marvel Comics

Billions of years before the Marvel universe we know now, Earth was ruled by a race of Elder Gods.

As time went on, the Elder Gods transformed into demons and fought amongst each other. Only one could resist the corruption, Gaea. Gaea searched for a way to destroy the demons, birthing Atum, the God-Eater.

Chthon would escape Atum's wrath by creating a new dimension where he slept for centuries, only to be awoken by Morgan le Fay who bound him to Mount Wundagore. This, of course, is where an infant Wanda Maximoff would be born.

Before heading back to his realm, Chthon marked the infant as a potential vessel in case of his return. Unluckily for the Witch, this wouldn't be a one-time deal.

Her first possession would come thanks to Mordred, who kidnapped her and performed the ritual needed to allow Chthon to arise through her. The Avengers were helpless against Mordred alone, never mind a demon-possessed Wanda. Eventually, thanks to a doll imbued with Wanda's soul, Chthon was banished once again.

Round two would come during Secret Empire, as if the world wasn't chaotic enough at that point. This time round, the damage wasn’t quite as substantial, leading Wanda to join Hydra’s Avengers before Strange freed her from the being’s possession.


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