10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Spider-Man

Oh, that old Parker luck.

Marvel Comics

If you had to sum up Peter Parker as quickly as possible, it'd be by saying he's one of the world's best superheroes, and also simultaneously the single most unlucky. Everything and anything bad that could happen to you has happened to this poor arachnid at some point in his life; the death of countless loved ones, endless maiming, psychological torture, and several ill-conceived redesigns.

With the collection of terrible things that have happened to Peter being so huge - and so awful - the question becomes what the absolute worst of this selection box of trauma actually is. It's also generally how the hell the web-slinger managed to overcome it, as despite a never-ending rollercoaster of garbage, he always comes out the same well-meaning hero.

And between torture based on a light switch, a group of melting clones, and a weird arachnid birth and puberty, it's safe to say that these trials and tribulations never fail to be interesting - even if you feel a bit guilty afterwards for happily watching your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man get his life ruined, again and again and again.


I like my comics like I like my coffee - in huge, unquestionably unhealthy doses.