10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To Spider-Man

9. Having His Secret Identity Revealed - Civil War

Spider-Man Abrams
Marvel Comics

While Peter did optionally reveal his secret identity in Civil War, he did so with two things in mind. Firstly, he was repeatedly told by those around him that this wouldn't have an impact on his loved ones. Secondly, he was told that this would definitely encourage other superheroes to reveal their identity, thus avoiding anyone becoming an illegal vigilante by refusing to comply with the new Superhero Registration Act.

Both of these turn out to be, perhaps surprisingly, complete lies. Not only does Peter's family end up in continual jeopardy because of this reveal, but his grandmother gets shot because of it, which means they're all anything but safe. Similarly, instead of being encouraged by Peter's example, other heroes actually just see how dangerous removing a secret identity is, and thus go even deeper into hiding.

Civil War is a rough time for everyone, but especially for Spider-Man.


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