10 Worst Things That Ever Happened To The Thing

8. Alicia Masters Dumped Him - Fantastic Four #265-358 (1984-1991)

The Thing Mutation
Marvel Comics

When Ben Grimm was turned into the Thing, he believed no woman would ever love him because of his horrid appearance. So, when he started dating a blind sculptor called Alicia Masters, Ben was able to accept his appearance for the first time. As the two fell in love, Ben hoped they would be together forever.

Sadly, Ben's positive outlook on life was dashed during the Secret Wars saga. After this storyline concluded, Ben returned to Earth, eager to rekindle his relationship with his girlfriend.

He was devastated to learn that, in Ben's absence, Alicia had started a relationship with Johnny Storm. Within a few months, Johnny and Alicia got married, breaking Ben's heart.

But in Fantastic Four #357, it was revealed that Johnny's wife wasn't Alicia Masters at all. In reality, she was a shapeshifting Skrull who infiltrated the superteam so her superiors could learn how to defeat the Fantastic Four. Upon this revelation, the FF flew into space , broke into the Skrull mothership, and rescued Alicia.

Unfortunately, since Ben had begun dating Sharon Ventura after he believed Alicia left him for Johnny, he found himself trapped in a love triangle, which led to even more heartbreak.


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