10 Worst Things The Avengers Ever Did

10. Letting Children Get Kidnapped

Marvel Comics

How many heroes does it take to keep track of alien children? Apparently more than you'd think, as several members of the Avengers are tasked with teaching and protecting the Children of The Sun, and yet somehow totally miss them be taken away by Pterodactyls.

Given kidnap by dinosaur is not the most sneaky method possible, it's easy to think that maybe the team weren't giving it their absolute all. The most ironic part is that this happens during one of the many, many conversations had about how precious these aliens are, and how important it is that they are kept safe - a conversation apparently so engrossing that it let the exact thing they were talking about stopping actually happen.

The children are eventually rescued, but there's something distinctly concerning about the heroes tasked with protecting the universe being unable to protect a handful of blue babies.


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