10 Worst Things The Flash Has Ever Done

10. Letting Crime Run Rampant In Central City - The Flash #200

DC Comics

After unveiling his secret identity to the public, Wally West is understandably frustrated with the public's newfound knowledge of him, largely because he is now painfully aware that all his friends and loved ones have been placed in considerable and unending danger as a result.

However, the Flash's decision to take up the Spectre's offer to wipe the general public's memory of who he really is still isn't justifiable, as the superhero uses it to quite literally quit his day job, knowingly wiping his own memory of being the Flash, meaning that the superhero ceases to exist until he regains his memory way down the line.

The comic explicitly states that this results in a significant increase in crime in the city, meaning that countless lives and ruined and ended essentially because Wally decided he didn't like being in the spotlight.


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