10 Worst Things The Justice League Has Ever Done

10. Owned And Operated A Super Gulag - Kingdom Come

DC Comics/Alex Ross

Mark Waid and Alex Ross's epic saga Kingdom Come presents us with a disillusioned Justice League, who are having trouble accepting how outdated they are. Like the Baby Boomers of the DC Universe, they just can't wrap their heads around these newfangled superheroes and villains, who seem to take things so much further than they ever did. The world is progressing too fast for their liking, and Superman decides they need to regain control.

When the Parasite, one of the new breed of villains, splits open a hero by the name of Captain Atom, the effect is not dissimilar to splitting open an actual atom. The resulting explosion transforms the entire state of Kansas, as well as parts of Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri, into an uninhabitable, irradiated wasteland.

Never one to waste an opportunity, Superman and the gang use this newly available real estate to build a super-powered gulag using alien technology, that will act as a penitentiary for any villains - or heroes - who step out of line. And who decides when somebody has stepped out of line? Why, the Justice League, of course!

Naturally, this does not work out very well. Believe it or not, placing a huge amount of violent, super-powered criminals in one single place is never a great idea, and it isn't long before the gulag is turned into an all-out war zone.


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