10 Worst Things The Kingpin Has Ever Done

Sometimes, being the king means getting your hands dirty.

Kingpin Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

As far back as he could remember, Wilson Fisk always wanted to be a gangster. He was able to achieve that goal through hard work and perseverance, rising through the ranks of New York's underworld until he became the Kingpin of Crime.

Of course, you don't get to be the top dog of the entire underworld just by wearing a snazzy suit and Kingpin has committed some pretty viscous acts over the years.

While he may look like an overweight businessman, Kingpin is a shrewd tactician who is always one step ahead of his enemies. He has also spent years training himself as a bodybuilder and wrestler. In fact, part of what makes him so brutal is that, while he has plenty of underlings who could do the job for him, Kingpin isn't afraid to step in and deal with problems himself and can often surprise opponents with how fast and strong he really is.

Whether it's dealing with a rival gang, an unfaithful employee or one of his archenemies (Dardevil, Spider-Man and the Punisher), Fisk has proven himself to be a ruthless strategist who does whatever it takes to achieve his goals.

Well, everything except skipping desert.

10. Took Over The Hand

Kingpin Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

No other superhero has been through the wringer more than Daredevil and, in 2010, all the constant beatings and dead girlfriends finally took their toll.

In the miniseries Shadowland, Matt Murdock finally snapped. Taking control of the Hand, he killed Bullseye and transformed Hell's Kitchen into a giant prison/temple.

At the same time, a formerly disgraced Wilson Fisk was looking to take back his place as Kingpin of Crime. As part of his plan, he manipulated the heroes Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Ghost Rider into attacking Shadowland. In the ensuing fight, it was revealed that Daredevil had been possessed by a demon and, in the final battle, he seemingly died (by this point, you probably don't even need telling that he got better).

With his archenemy gone and the Hand leaderless, Fisk stepped in to fill the void. He used his new status as leader of the Hand to control Shadowland with an iron fist (a metaphorical one, no neon punches here) and spread his tyrannical reign over the rest of New York, taking out enemies with an army of unkillable ninjas.

Wilson Fisk regained his position as the Kingpin of Crime, this time more powerful than ever before.


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