10 Worst Things The Kingpin Has Ever Done

9. Made A Deal With A Corrupt Mayor

Kingpin Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

Frank Miller's run on Daredevil is one of the best takes on the character ever written. It also provided a definitive take on the Kingpin, presenting Wilson Fisk as a scheming mastermind who was always one step ahead.

One of the Kingpin's most ambitious crimes was to try and seize control of all of New York while still maintaining a facade as a legitimate businessman by bribing mayoral candidate Randolph Cherryh. Kingpin supported Cherryh's campaign from the shadows, in the hopes of using his position to make Fisk's criminal enterprises that much easier.

Daredevil and reporter Ben Urich tried to uncover evidence of Fisk's operation, but were thwarted at every turn. They were only able to stop Fisk's plan when Daredevil found Fisk's amnesiac wife Vanessa. In return for returning her, Fisk agreed to abandon the plan and forced Cherryh to drop out of the race.

Of course, Wilson Fisk isn't one to call it quits (is what he probably says every year at the pie-eating contest). In retaliation, he sent Elektra to murder Daredevil's best friend Foggy Nelson. However, she refused to do it when she realised who Foggy was.

In response, Kingpin had Bullseye kill her instead, kicking off a long habit of Daredevil's girlfriends coming to a worse end than this paragraph.


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