10 Worst Things The Kingpin Has Ever Done

8. Fired An Employee

Kingpin Spider-Man
Marvel Comics

One of the most underrated Spider-Man series was Spider-Man's Tangled Web, an anthology of out of continuity stories that focused on the Wall Crawler's supporting cast. One of the best was the (Eisner award nominated) #4: Severance Package.

The issue focused on Tom Cochrane, one of the Kingpin's enforcers. Tom is woken up in the middle of a night by a call explaining that Spider-Man has stopped a heist he had planned and that the Kingpin now wanted to talk to him.

It's a humanising look into the Kingpin's regime as Tom says a final goodbye to his wife, knowing that the Kingpin doesn't tolerate any level of failure.

When he finally meets with Wilson Fisk, Tom faces his death with dignity, allowing the Kingpin to snap his neck with bare hands.

To really underline how brutal the Kingpin is, the end of the issue revealed that Tom allowed himself to be killed because he knew it was his only chance of convincing the Kingpin to call off the assassin he had sent to murder Tom's wife and children.

So Fisk Industries' job security isn't great and their firing policy leaves a lot to be desired... but it's still better than most Graduate jobs.


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