10 Worst Things To Ever Happen To Green Lantern

Some terrible events have plagued the history of DC's Green Lantern Corps.

Green Lantern Fire
DC Comics

With 80 years of history, not every moment for Green Lantern has been a good one.

First appearing in All-American Comics #16 in 1940, Green Lantern has been one of DC's top tier heroes, existing through several reboots, re-imaginings and reincarnations. Updated from magic-fuelled crimefighter to sci-fi supercop in 1959, Green Lantern has been a mainstay of superhero comics.

Various characters have worn the ring and carried the power battery throughout that time, but all have suffered great tragedies.

Throughout their careers, each Green Lantern has overcome maniacal and murderous archenemies, unfortunate accidents, cataclysmic events, and more losses than most other heroes in the DC Universe.

From harrowing origins to traumatic deaths which have gained significant attention in popular culture, the Green Lanterns haven't had it easy. DC's Emerald Warriors have been present for some of comic book history's biggest battles and suffered the most, and this list aims to chronicle some of their worst moments.

Conjuring up the most devastating events in these heroes' history, these are some of the worst things to ever happen to the Green Lanterns...

10. Hal Jordan's Girlfriend Becomes A Supervillain

Green Lantern Fire
DC Comics

Despite already boasting a deadly rogues gallery, Green Lantern Hal Jordan was introduced to another archenemy - his girlfriend.

First appearing alongside Hal Jordan in 1959, Carol Ferris was originally introduced as the ambitious test pilot's employer and eventual romantic interest.

Despite telling him that she didn't date her employees, Carol would go on to become Hal's on/off girlfriend throughout the comics. A main character of Green Lantern's sci-fi inspired run, Carol would take on a deadlier role - as a supervillain.

Possessed by an alien gem, Carol became Star Sapphire - the second Star Sapphire to appear in comics. With the original Star Sapphire menacing the Golden Age Flash, this super-powered star warrior was a dangerous threat to any hero.

With the gem possessing her, Carol became under the control of the alien Zamarons - a race of female warriors obsessed with the idea of proving women to be superior to men.

Using flight, increased strength and durability, and similar energy construct-based powers to the Green Lanterns, Star Sapphire became a formidable foe for the Emerald Warrior.

Over the years, fighting Carol took a toll on Hal's relationship with her. Wiping her memory after their battles, Hal would try to force the Zamarons to relinquish their possession. However, her villainous persona would continuously resurface to challenge Hal and provide him with an enemy he had two minds about defeating.


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