100 Greatest Comic Book Villains Of All Time

The rogues' gallery to end all rogues' galleries.

The Joker Alex Ross

Every great hero needs a great - if not better - villain, and that's true no more than in the weird, wonderful world of comic books. Though many of us may know these characters more through their TV, movie or video game equivalents, there would be nothing without the paperback counterparts first, and key to establishing an awesome superhero is supplying him with a powerful, intimidating foe to lock horns with. Whether violent, menacing, quirky or somehow funny, these 100 comic book villains are forever etched in our fanboy minds, an enduring reminder of how to craft an iconic bad guy to be remembered for decades, possibly even centuries. There's an art to composing a comic book villain; it's such a crowded field (just as it is with heroes), and there's only so many times you can see a seemingly indefatigable enemy with super-strength, super-speed and so on. The best villains are those that broke the mold and brought something fresh and exciting to the table; those are the villains who made this list, and those are the ones who we are liable to remember years from now. Naturally, it's going to be pretty contentious, so of course, please sound off with your own opinions and rankings in the comments section below. Click "Next" to get started with #100...
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