100 Greatest Comic Book Villains Of All Time

100. Mister Gone

Mr Gone The MaxxFIRST APPEARANCE: THE MAXX #1 (1993) The enigmatic Mister Gone is a strange example of a comic book villain, and in many ways is one of the most horrible people on the list. Originally appearing in the very first issue of Sam Kieth and William Messner-Loeb's cult comic, Gone is a killer and rapist with a taste for young women with supernatural powers who's obsession with the story's heroine freelance social worker Julie sends him onto a collision course with her big, purple protector The Maxx. Seemingly immortal, and with telepathic powers of his own, Gone utilises bizarre other-worldly creatures known as The Isz to do his bidding but falls flat at every hurdle. As the comic progressed we became privy to Gone's own back story where it was revealed he was the victim of hideous abuse at the hands of his Aunt and slowly with each new revelation, Gone's own path to redemption begins to take shape before he is eventually shot dead by a CIA agent. Perhaps the only real way to set himself free from a life of misdeeds.

99. Zombies

Walking Dead Zombies and KarlFIRST APPEARANCE: THE WALKING DEAD #1 (2003) You can't have a list of the hundred greatest comic book villains without including the hoards of the undead that have made The Walking Dead such an enjoyable, blood soaked read. They may be slowly becoming an afterthought with the emergence of more human threats, but there's no questioning the fact that the Walking Dead would be nothing without it's zombies. Besides, from inception they're an entirely different, more dangerous type of zombie, given that everyone seemingly on Earth is already infected whether alive or dead, and after death people are promptly reanimated as one of the horde.

98. Granny Goodness

Granny Goodness DC ComicsFIRST APPEARANCE: MISTER MIRACLE #2 (1971) What can we say about this ridiculously named DC super villain? Well, Granny Goodness is a deity originally drawn by Jack Kirby, and her primary power is her ability to be a massive bitch. She is a sadistic follower of Darkseid with a taste for torture, which she would use to brainwash and manipulate soldiers into doing her and Darkseid's bidding. Despite her being a rather obscure villain, she has appeared in several animated DC spin-offs as well as hit TV show Smallville. Granny has recently been reintroduced as an obese Madame in charge of her own brothel but will likely be most remembered for her ill-fated run in with Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, in which she attempts to frame him for an attack on John Stewart.
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