11 Comic Book Characters Who Underwent Horrifying Transformations

Some character changes are difficult to stomach.

Marvel Comics

Every few years, comic book characters are revised to stop them from getting stale. Their costume might receive a mild redesign or the character may get a whole new look. But there are other times where a superhero or supervillain isn't just tweaked a little bit; they are practically unrecognisable.

Either through cybernetics, mutation, genetic tampering, disfigurement, or even death, some comic book characters have suffered horrific changes over the years.

Sometimes, a change, even a bad one, can be great for a character. It can make a story more compelling watching an iconic hero struggling to come to terms with a dramatic change in their body or appearance.

Since comics must stand by the status quo, these alterations always reverse themselves. But that doesn't mean the heroes and villains are out of the woods yet. A person can suffer a metamorphosis which is so horrific, their mind may never be the same. Some of the characters in this list experienced their change years ago but still feel the effects of it to this day.

Some of these changes are cool. Others may across as silly or gimmicky. But one thing that we can all agree on; every one of these transformations were utterly horrific.


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