11 Comic Book Characters Who Underwent Horrifying Transformations

10. Sin Becomes The Red Skull

man spider
Marvel Comics

There are many words to describe Captain America's nemesis, the Red Skull. Nazi. Dictator. Jerk. But there's one word no one has used to describe him; loving. Case in point, when his child, Sinthea Schmidt, was born, the first thing he said was, "Daughter? Kill it!"

After his underling convinced the Red Skull that any offspring of his was destined for greatness, regardless of gender, he decided to keep Sinthea alive. However, he ensured his daughter had a horrific childhood to rid her of any daintiness and fragility. Since she only experienced pain and torture from an early age, she grew up to become the unstable and psychotic supervillain, Sin.

When the Red Skull died in a battle, Sin was caught in an explosion, which burned her face off. She saw her disfigurement as a sign she was meant to fulfil her father's legacy and so, dubbed herself as the new Red Skull.


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