11 Heroic Comic Book Characters More Powerful Than Superman

Superman First things first; I'm a huge Superman fan and a huge fan of comics in general, so this is in no way an attempt to sully the character - it is merely an attempt to deal in facts and shed some light on a myth... "What is that myth?" I hear you ask; All too often I see people saying "no one is more powerful than Superman" - and that simply isn't true - so I'm going to point out a few characters of the heroic variety who would beat Superman (utilising consistent feats of power as actual evidence) in a straight up fight, if both characters were going all out to win, without any outside interference or extenuating circumstances (note; there are countless numbers of villains more powerful than him - Thanos, Surtur, Pre-Crisis Darkseid, Pre-Crisis Validus, Dormammu etc to name a few - but finding heroes who are more powerful than him is indeed a little bit more difficult). I'm prepared for the fact that there will be a lot of disagreement from hardcore fans of the character who simply don't like their favourite hero losing, but part of being a fan of the character is knowing everything about him or her - including their limitations - so do be open-minded please! On that note, using actual evidence from comic books i.e. mentioning actual ways in which said characters are more powerful than the man of steel by way of feats of power that they've actually demonstrated, here are eleven heroic comic book characters who are more powerful than Superman (in no particular order, as the power levels of these guys vary massively - they're just all more powerful than Supes)...
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