11 Heroic Comic Book Characters More Powerful Than Superman

11. Mister Majestic (Wildstorm Comics)

Mister Majestic Mister Majestic is a very similar character to the man of steel, demonstrating the same powerset - only on a more impressive scale. Their strength is fairly similar - Mister Majestic can move planets on strength alone - but particularly of note is the fact that he is considerably faster than Superman - he has travelled for months at a time at speeds well beyond that of lightspeed. He also has more esoteric powers to use, such as the fact that he has psychic powers (though he hasn't used them much for offensive purposes, but they allow him to read the minds of others and predict their moves therefore) and has used telekinesis, which means he can move objects from a distance without touching them or use it to aid and reinforce his own physical strength. He can also become invisible (which might not help in a fight against Superman, but it gives him another extra power that Superman simply doesn't have). He has also used his laser vision to turn a star ingot into a replacement for the sun as well as alter the composition of Jupiter on a pre-atomic level - both of which are insane feats of power. Majestic has a crazy feat where he used his super speed, strength, invulnerability and vision powers to mine his own minerals, smelt them, reshape them with his hands and create components for super-technology - all within nanoseconds.
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