11 Most Powerful Weapons In DC History

DC has powerful characters, but not everyone can be Superman. Some need a little extra firepower...

Doctor Fate Helmet Constantine
DC Comics

DC may have some of the most powerful superheroes in comics, but that doesn't mean the occasional weapon or device doesn't pop up every now and again.

When you think of someone like Superman, he doesn't need anything to augment his powers, but there are plenty of folks zipping around the DC Universe in need of a little something extra.

Batman has his utility belt and the Flash has his ring, which is certainly useful, but when you look deeper into the DC Universe, you will find far more weaponry spread about.

When it comes to weapons in the DC universe with considerable power, there are plenty to choose from. They may not have an Infinity Gauntlet like the folks over at Marvel, but that doesn't mean DC's arsenal of weapons, devices, and complex machines aren't heavy hitters in the realm of comics. Of the many devices floating around out there, these ten are by far the most powerful of them all.

11. The Soultaker Sword

Doctor Fate Helmet Constantine
Warner Bros.

When the DCEU released Suicide Squad in 2016, many fans got to see one of the publisher's most powerful weapons pop up on the big screen for the first time.

The Soultaker Sword carried by Katana does exactly what the name implies: it pulls the souls from anyone it kills and stores them inside, amplifying its power in interesting and useful ways.

When a soul is absorbed by the sword, the user can then access that soul and any others held within for advice and information on what's going on around them. It also gets a power boost with each soul it absorbs making the sword far more powerful than any other edged weapon found on Earth.

The true power of the sword comes from its ability to extend the lifespan of the user. For every soul it absorbs, it can keep its wielder alive, which essentially means anyone using it remains immortal... so long as they keep killing people of course.


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