12 Best X-Men Cosplay Characters Ever

From the convention to the unconventional: the best versions of the best X-Men characters around.

Cosplay has come a long way in the past few decades. The once niche Western interest leaped overseas to Japan, acquired a subculture and an etiquette all its own and then came skipping back west again to become an integral part of fandom. These days, no convention would be complete without badly dressed, badly made up teenagers reenacting scenes from their favourite anime, and professional wrestling has attracted its own kind of obsessives, each with a different take on their favourite superstar. But in the West, cosplay is about superheroes for the most part: especially now, given the predominance of the superhero on television and on the big screen. The Uncanny X-Men have been some of the favourites for people to become, largely because of the unique look of the characters. So many of them have a novel appearance, and that's not even taking into consideration their colourful costumes: mutants come in all shapes and sizes. Coming up is a selection of twelve of the most popular X-Men, and some of the best images of the many and varied cosplay interpretations of the characters: a deliberate omission is Emma Frost, one of the most cosplayed X-Men out there... because Emma Frost's thing is wearing white, and very little of it, and people dressing up as her seem to be less into cosplay and more into a geeky kind of exhibitionism.
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