12 Lego Sets Every Marvel Fan Needs

Get your brick-clicking kicks with these mighty Marvel builds.

Lego Marvel Superheroes In Peril
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Adult fans of Lego (AFOLs) might describe the iconic Danish company’s products as an advanced construction system of interlocking blocks. In more candid moments, though, they’ll confess: They’re toys. Delightful, colorful, and highly collectible plastic toys.

Nevertheless, Lego goes to great lengths to appeal to consumers of all ages, so while its core customer group remains children, many of its most avid followers are old enough to make a decent pay, drive themselves to the toy store, and then fork over several days’ decent pay for… toys. Nobody thinks that’s odd and everyone’s happy.

And now with Marvel, and the MCU particularly, dominating the cultural landscape, Lego has been quick to supply licensed sets for fans of all ages. AFOLs and kids alike can find their favorite Avengers, wall-crawlers, and Wakandan kings in tiny, foot-piercing Lego bricks.

The following are 12 Lego Marvel sets perfect for display on cubicles and bookcases or simply a little diverting fun in front of the TV. A kidney or two may need to be sold for a few of them, mind.

(FYI: The numbers in parentheses are official Lego set numbers for easier reference. Many of the sets will be a bit old and hard to find in stores, so anyone interested should try BrickLink for the best prices on the secondary market.)

12. Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum (76060)

This set is a diorama of one of Strange’s sanctum chambers, complete with an interdimensional monster trying to squeeze between realms. Lego Marvel sets tend to skew more toward kids, meaning vehicle builds and action features and few dioramas. This set, then, is more for show than play.

And as far as show goes, it’s perfect, with Strange in his most iconic surroundings, especially that window. The monster does have an action feature, though, as turning a gear in the back will make its tentacles writhe and spin. It’s amusing for a second but still looks very good afterward.

There are three minifigures: Strange, Karl Mordo, and the Ancient One. Kaecilius is oddly missing. Easter eggs include stickered tiles with the Codex Imperium and the Kamar-Taj wi-fi password.

This set was released in 2016 as the sole Lego tie-in for the MCU’s first Doctor Strange outing, and it remains the smallest set Strange has been in yet.

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