12 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had

Spider-Man, Spider-Man. Does whatever a spider can... and then some!

Marvel Comics

Throughout his many years on the page, Spider-Man has gone through a number of transformations. Despite our original Peter Parker long being the only Spider-Man, Marvel have gone on to introduce Miles Morales, Jessica Drew, Otto Octavius and even a pig, all sporting the Spider mantle.

The Spider-Verse has brought with it so many Spiders that coming up with a unique character for each realm was bound to be a challenge. So instead, we have the occasional Spider-Girl, Spider-Ham or Spider Ma'am, but mostly it's just different versions of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.

However, not all Spiders are created equal. With each iteration, there are subtle differences that can lead to some interesting results. Sure, it mostly boils down to sticking to walls and extra strength, but each dimension brings different technology and different physiology.

As a result, fans have often caught snippets of stories, or started new runs and are left thinking, "I didn't know Spider-Man could do THAT". So let's have a look at the various powers Spider-Man has had, why he was able to use them and which Spider actually has them.

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