12 Superpowers You Didn’t Know Spider-Man Had

12. Camouflage


The decision to keep Miles Morales in the main Marvel continuity continues to pay off. One of the few things that survived destruction of the ill-fated Ultimate universe, this new Spider-Man has turned into an icon. With work underway on the sequel to Sony's animated hit and the upcoming PS5 game, the world is once again struck down with a case of Miles Morales fever.

When first announced, there was concern amongst the Spidey-Squad that Miles would struggle to differentiate from the Peter Parker. Luckily, Brian Michael Bendis was at the helm and made sure that this wasn't just the same old Spidey.

While Miles still got his power from a radioactive spider, it wasn't just the ability to stick to walls and the proportional strength of a spider that made Miles special.

Miles was given extra abilities, such as the "Venom Strike" (which we'll talk about later) and the ability to camouflage himself to avoid danger. Since accidentally discovering the ability, Miles has been able to refine it and use it during combat and recon missions. Expect to use this a bunch while playing Spider-Man: Miles Morales when it releases.

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