12 Worst Superhero Team-Ups Ever

superman_ali_24 The superhero team up is truly one of the greatest things that can happen in a comic book. Two fierce warriors from different worlds coming together to battle an evil that they couldn€™t possibly topple alone is always a good idea, and as long as there has been stories of heroes, there have been stories of heroes coming together. The best team up stories were infused with tension, and often even resulted in some of the most badass fights imaginable between the heroes themselves. But team-up stories haven€™t always worked out so well €“ in fact some of the worst comic book stories imaginable feature some of the crappiest team-ups of all time. And I€™m not talking about an €˜annoying€™, let€™s try to forget it, 90s X-Men€™ crappy €“ I€™m talking about a €˜let€™s abort the idea that this story even existed€™ level of bad. Stories kind of like...

12. Spiderman Teams Up With...The Cast Of Saturday Night Live?

Spider-Man is without a doubt Marvel€™s biggest commodity, and arguably the most popular comic book character in the world. He€™s the golden boy; the franchise; the man at the top of the food chain. But sometimes it€™s horrible being at the top. Sometimes being at the top means you have to do some humiliating and degrading work in order to sell some books. Maybe not €˜Mexican donkey show€™ degrading, but definitely the sort of stuff that€™ll kill your cred a little bit. Unfortunately for Spidey, he shows up on this list a lot because of this. In 1977€™s Marvel Team-Up #74, Peter Parker is finally able to score tickets to a taping of Saturday Night Live. Fully expecting to exploit the tickets for some sweet sweet loving from Mary Jane €“ who, as it turns out, is a Gilda Radner fanatic €“ the issue actually starts off looking pretty good for everyone€™s favorite wall crawler. That is until the Silver Samurai and his goons show up looking for a ring that John Belushi somehow stumbled upon. Did I mention the episode€™s host was Stan Lee, with musical guest Rick Jones? Yeah, it€™s going to be one of those kinds of nights for Spidey. The issue packed full of epic levels of chicanery, including Bill Murray taking out the Samurai€™s henchmen using a giant rubber version of Mjolnir, Garrett Morris €“ who€™s black by the way €“ scaring some goons unconscious when he shows up dressed up like Thor, and John Belushi actually going toe-to-toe with the Silver Samurai in a fight that was initially started when the Samurai took offense to Belushi€™s choice of costume.
Spidey basically spends the issue saving the cast of the inaugural season of SNL every time they think playing dress-up is actually a sound plan for staving off armed mercenaries. Seriously, Dan Akyroyd said as much.
Surely this tripe was written by some horrid network executive who sought to use ol€™ Webby as a free commercial, you must be thinking? They would certainly deserve the most royal of canings if that were the case €“ except it is not and this story was actually written by the legendary comic book scribe Chris Claremont. That€™s right, the guy who wrote the goddamn Dark Phoenix Saga, Days of Future Past and practically made the modern X-Men also gave us the Silver Samurai€™s darkest hour. Surprisingly though, there are worse team-ups, like.....
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