13 Fantastic Four Stories & Villains We Could See In MCU Phase 4

The best names and stories to bring with Marvel's First Family...

Marvel Comics

In 1961, Marvel Comics launched with its first superteam, The Fantastic Four. The team is composed of Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic), his partner, Susan Storm (Invisible Woman), her brother, Johnny Storm (Human Torch), and Richards' best friend, Ben Grimm (The Thing).

The FF comics are incredible. The movies... not so much. Because every Fantastic Four film bombed critically and financially, many people have dismissed the team as cheesy and old-fashioned. The comics were actually cancelled for a while in recent years because readers could only associate the heroes with the shoddy films.

But the team are really important. It's not just because they are the first superheroes under the Marvel banner. It's because the characters are intricate, the storylines are literally out of this world, the villains are iconic, and the dynamic between the team members is simply fantastic.

Let's look at the facts. The Fantastic Four IS coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At this exact moment, absolutely no other details are known. There are enough rumours to build a mountain but nothing is concrete.

Marvel fans are debating which actors are going to be cast, which villains we might see, and most importantly, what storylines should be adapted for the big screen.


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