13 Fantastic Four Stories & Villains We Could See In MCU Phase 4

13. The Mole Man

Marvel Comics

There has been four Fantastic Four movies and Doctor Doom was the bad guy in every one of them.

Give the other baddies a chance! Case in point; why don't they try and use the first Marvel supervillain, the Mole Man.

Before he took on the name, Mole Man, Harvey Elder was an explorer who believed in the Hollow Earth theory. This concept suggests that the planet's interior isn’t solid and it may house a lost kingdom. Ridiculed by his peers, Elder grew angry and obsessed about his archaic theory even further.

While he was exploring abroad, Elder fell deep inside a cave and landed in an abandoned city called Subterranea. Although the area was now infested with prehistoric monsters, it used to be home to the Deviants (an ancient race that we will see in The Eternals).

Since Elder discovered Subterranea, he declared himself as its ruler. He helped himself to the Deviants' technology to become the master of the underground. Driven mad with power, he invaded the surface world with his monsters to punish humanity for mocking him.

I know he is a silly villain (he turned into an actual mole in the comics), but the MCU has proven successful when it doesn't play safe. Maybe the Fantastic Four's introduction to the MCU should be kicked off with the team battling a quirky villain like the Mole Man rather than Doctor Doom for the FIFTH fricking time!


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