15 DCeased Moments That Shocked The World

All the zombie violence you never knew you wanted from DC.

DC Comics

Although the final issue of DCeased is not yet out - being scheduled to release the day before Halloween - the five issues that have been brought to us so far are perhaps some of the most intense madness that DC has ever provided their fans.

Admittedly, this is vastly helped by the fact that the series is essentially a What If? comic that explores a zombie invasion in the DC universe, with all the gory zombie insanity that comics like The Walking Dead and Marvel Zombies have brought us to expect (and love). That said, one of the most surprising things about DCeased is how much it plays with your expectations of both superhero comics and zombie stories, doing the things you least expect when you least expect them, just to prove it's that step ahead of your conventional undead shenanigans.

Loaded to the brim with major character deaths, huge cataclysmic events, and a sprinkling of massive explosions, each issue of DCeased manages to shock you time and time again, laced with the kind of thrills and surprises that action films can only wish they had.


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