15 Emotional Comic Book Moments That Made Us Shed A Tear

14. Return Of Colussus


Typically, superhero resurrections are designed to be celebratory and jubilant affairs, but Joss Whedon and John Cassady are not your typical comic book creators. As part of their opening Astonishing X-Men arc €œGifted,€ the X-Men are investigating rumours that the mysterious lab BeneTech is experimenting on a mutant they believed to be dead. Most of the team members think it's Jean Grey, but while phasing through the laboratory, Kitty Pryde discovers her former love Colussus.

Kitty is so shocked and overcome with emotion, she doesn'€™t even move. Colussus beats down a couple of armed guards, and then collapses to his knees in front of Kitty, tearfully asking €œ€ am I finally dead?€ Never has the return of a fan favourite character felt so bittersweet.

Colussus had supposedly died a very noble death a few years earlier when he injected himself with the Legacy Virus, allowing a cure to become airborne. Instead, he was so badly abused and tortured by BeneTech, his first reaction when he sees Kitty is to plead to be dead.

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