15 Lamest Superheroes Of All Time

Not everyone can be Batman. Some can't even be BatGIRL.

Comic book fans, rejoice: sorry no, Ben Affleck is still the next Batman - but there's some even better news: Ant-Man now has an official release date, and the cast has been swollen by the addition of Michael Douglas as Henry "Hank" Pym, the hero's creator. That film got me thinking - can there really be enough situations where shrinking yourself to the size of an insect could have a positive effect on proceedings? What happens if The Exterminator or Rolled-Up-Newspaper-Man roll into town? Or it rains, and you end up caught in the open...? He might have questionably useful powers, but Ant-Man is by no means the lamest superhero, by some distance: there are many contenders for that particular title, each with their own pathetic claim to the title. We count down some of lamest superheroes of all time, and just pray that the day never comes when the city is being destroyed and they're the first to show up...

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