15 Lamest Superheroes Of All Time

15. Hindsight Lad

Possibly the most irritating superhero, Hindsight Lad has the superpower of being able to say annoying things like "if only we had done it my way" when the world around him is crumbling. Rather than come up with any sort of plan of action, Hindsight Lad's strength was essentially to criticise the more proactive superheroes. You know, the ones that actually wanted to do something effective. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it's also a 'power' that every single person possesses: and in the words of The Incredibles' Syndrome, "when everyone is super, no-one is", which would make the entire superhero genre defunct. He might as well have the power of remembering what night to put the bins out, or the power to know when X Factor is on. The worst thing is, Hindsight wasn't even a superhero in his own right: he wormed his way into the New Warriors by basically holding them to ransom after discovering Speedball's alter ego. He finally proved himself to be of some use to the team, notably when they were lost in time after a battle with The Sphinx, but eventually the little puke betrayed them during the Marvel Civil War by leaking their true identities on the internet.

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