15 Most Inappropriate Batman Comics Storylines Of All Time

Bladder problems, awkward erections, and date rape.

DC Comics

What could be more inappropriate than a very rich bachelor adopting an orphaned child trapeze artist and drafting him into his personal war on crime? On the basis of years of Batman comics, a worrying amount of things.

Frankly, The Dark Knight started from the bottom in terms of appropriateness, yet he's managed to dig even further down into the bowels of the Creep Cave. It turns out a man who wears his pants over his trousers and dresses like a bat isn't the best role model for those around him.

Admittedly, not all of the Dark Knight's dodgy moments are down to the man himself. There's also his Bat-Family of perverts, Oedipus complex sufferers and dysfunctional butlers who die and come back as supervillains.

The bulk of Batman's back catalogue is the standard detecting and fighting supervillains, with undertones of weirdness with the whole Robin thing. Then there are the stories where the inappropriate behaviour, plot twists or characterisation are totally off-base for the Caped Crusader, those retconned story lines or “wacky” Silver Age adventures.

Which is worse? The comic where, out of nowhere, Batman decides to start getting high on plants bred by Poison Ivy? Or the one where he gets turned into a toddler by a fiendish wizard and has to fight crime as Bat-Baby? They're both equally as creepy. But that isn't even the worst of it...

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