15 Most Powerful DC Weapons RANKED

If a device can make even Superman nervous, it's worth taking very, very seriously.

DC Comics

The DC universe is home to a pantheon of gods and monsters, both literal and figurative. But not all of its figures achieved their mythic status thanks to some kind of supernatural ability. In fact, figures like Batman take pride in the fact they can walk among deities despite being a mortal man. In order to match their more powerful allies and enemies, these characters need assistance. And even the most powerful entities could always use a buff or leg up on their competition.

That's where DC's famously huge arsenal of weapons and tools comes into play. From enhanced or enchanted melee weapons to downright apocalyptic doomsday machines, the DC world is not suffering from a lack of artificial firepower.

They come in a variety of forms, including basic, magical, technological, and even alien, but they are almost all lethal and impressive in their own right.

However, a select few stand out even among such illustrious company and it would behoove both newcomers and long-time readers to take a quick refresher of the most violent and destructive items in the DC universe.


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