15 Reasons Why Daredevil is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

14. He Has a Full-Time Job

I've mentioned it before, but unlike Batman and Iron Man, who are two billionaires who really don't have a routine job, unlike Spider-Man who works part-time, unlike Superman who works in order to conceal his secret identity and try out a normal human life, and unlike the likes of Bruce Banner and Reed Richards who work building machines and devices here and there for different requests and purposes, Matt Murdock works to live. And his work is not that of easy pickings. He worked to become a lawyer. He worked to deal with justice first hand and in his occupation, lives are at stake. He's always playing a high risk game. It's a time consuming, stressful job; and Murdock is not an expensive attorney, as he often takes on the cases that no one else will take, or takes them for families of the underprivileged. Daredevil's real-life occupation is one of the reasons why Brian Michael Bendis' run in the early 00s was so spectacular; it dealt with Matt Murdock's life as alawyer, not a vigilante, with the most hands-on, biting approach. And it says a lot about a character that, by day, defends those who have been unjustified in court, and by night, seeks out that justice as a man apart from the law. Is that even morally right? Sometimes, it's a struggle for the hero, himself. But it's refreshing to know that he also acknowledges it.
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