15 Reasons Why Daredevil is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

13. He Trained and Honed His Skills Since Childhood

When Marvel or DC fans have at each other, pitting fake scenario after fake scenario of battles against one another, you'll find that there are about five people Daredevil ends up being matched against: Captain America, Batman, The Punisher, Nightwing, and Deadpool. And this is always my defense when people raise their eyebrows when I state that might favorite superhero is Daredevil: Captain America was given a super serum and taught how to fight militaristic, Batman was trained for about five-to-seven years in the mystic ninja arts, Daredevil has been handicapped and training since he was about eleven or twelve in martial arts, freestyle gymnastics, boxing, and developing his senses. There's that line in The Avengers where Tony Stark calls Captain America a "lab rat" and that everything spectacular about him "came out of a bottle." And I'm not here to rip on other superheroes, but Tony does have a bit of a point; even though that point would be made fifty times stronger coming from the likes of someone who was burdened with a major handicap and then spent the rest of his life turning it into his strongest quality. Not to mention that in college, Daredevil did nothing but train, eat, sleep, have sex, and study. He's never been prone to too much of a social life, unlike Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark, but he makes up for it doing his civic and vigilantistic (not a word) duties.
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