15 Reasons Why Daredevil is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

10. He Has Ultimate Good Faith in the People He Protects

Remember when I talked about the time Matt Murdock defended someone who should have been in every way against what he believed? Do you know why he took the case? Because he knew the man was innocent. He didn't care what specific group, cult, faith, or race the man belonged to. He wanted justice for the basic humanity of the man (I should say teenager) who was being put to trial. Because Matt sees the good in people. He's willing to forgive and forget, he's willing to move on, he's willing to stop holding grudges. Because he's seen, in his father, the ultimate turn-around. The ultimate sacrifice for what is good and worth dying for. He's not a character that leaves folks high and dry because it's convenient, popular, or even self-deprecating. He made a commitment as a lawyer to defend what is right and he makes a nightly commitment to defend those who cannot defend themselves. Is Matt Murdock a good guy? Yeah. But don't tell him I told you so.
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