15 Reasons Why Daredevil is the Greatest Superhero of All Time

11. He's Sensationally Intelligent

Matt's IQ is not at sky-rocket levels like Bruce Banner, Reed Richard, Bruce Wayne, or Tony Stark. But Matt's also about doubly smarter than the average person, because he diligently studied and worked his ass off to get into school and then become a successful lawyer. And that also translates into battle when he's left with only his wits to outsmart the world's worst treachery. The moment that comes to mind is from the picture above (taken from issue 6 of Mark Waid's run) in which Matt stands in the middle of a group of different terrorist organization representations and manages to talk and walk his way out of the fight without throwing a punch. And, as I'll talk about later, he's also incredibly smooth with the ladies. He's fantastically witty, charming, and has some one-liners that could even make Tony Stark shuffle back in shame. He's never so out-right blunt as Spider-Man and he's certainly more sexually subtle than Stark, and he's definitely not breaking the fourth wall like Deadpool, which really balances out pretty much everything you could ask for in a charismatic character. He's not too much and he's not too little. And I'd kick myself if I didn't share this moment with you. Here's the setup: for a while now, Daredevil's identity has been released to the public as Matt Murdock. For the most part, Matt's been able to get over it, work through it, and is ready to move on. But people just won't leave it alone. They won't stop treating him like he isn't even blind. And then, Mark Waid's issue 7 (the Christmas issue) came along. This moment is the first moment in which Matt steps into a Christmas party. Why aren't you reading Daredevil, yet?
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