20 Most Unintentionally Hilarious Comic Book Panels Of All Time

12. Betty€™s Strange Sensation

Poor Betty Cooper. While the love of her life Archie Andrews always feigned interest, anyone with common sense knew that carrot top was going to end up with the wealthier Veronica Lodge. So instead, in this scene, she shares a dance with an older gentleman and as his waist rubs up against her, she experiences a €œstrange sensation.€ The gentleman does not look all that shocked by her discovery either.

11. A Frisky Robot

This panel was destined for inclusion the second Lois Lane said she could not sit down. The fact that she€™s unable to sit down because of some unmentionable thing a robot did to her? That just ratchets this sick and twisted game of semantics to a whole new level.

10. How Does Superman Get So Hard?

Superman Spider Man Hard For all of his speed and agility, Spider-Man is often perceived to be a weaker class of superhero, unable to hold his own against the Marvel Universe€™s most powerful characters like Hulk, Thing and Thor. So it figures when Marvel and DC jointly published the groundbreaking Superman vs. The Amazing Spider-Man comic in 1976, Spidey would be feeling a bit inadequate around Supes €“ especially when it comes to the Man of Steel€™s ability to get hard as steel.

9. MJ Wants To Hear About Thor€™s Hammer

Speaking of Spider-Man's inadequacies, the Spidey Super Stories series from the 1970s was notorious for its ridiculousness, including one comic that introduced the world to the now famous €œThanos-Copter.€ However, in this panel, readers are just provided with another example of Mary Jane Watson€™s legendary flirtatiousness. Peter, MJ€™s boyfriend is standing right there, and she yet shows no shame in asking about Thor€™s hammer. No one is quite sure what the Asgardian translation to €œface it Tiger, you hit the jackpot,€ might be.
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