5 Best Superhero Teams You've Never Heard Of

3. The Omega Men

DC Comics

Originally appearing in Green Lantern comics, the Omega Men were first formed to fight against the tyrannical Citadelians, who had taken control of their home system of Vega.

The group is made up of several alien warriors, such as Tigorr (basically a humanoid tiger), Broot (a former pacifist) and aptly-named team leader Primus (a telepath and telekinetic), making the roster certainly an interesting one, both visually and story wise.

Most recently, the team appeared in the Tom King written 'The Omega Men: The End Is Here' (you can read the first few pages of here), which features them once more participating in the conflict for Vega, with a little help from one of the more recently introduced Green Lanterns, Kyle Rayner, providing a brilliant new spin on the tale that brought them into the DC universe in the first place.


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