5 Best Superhero Teams You've Never Heard Of

2. The Mystery Men

Marvel Comics

If you thought that Captain America and Bucky Barnes were the best superheroes that the 1930s and '40s had to offer, then think again, as before the star-spangled duo ever took to the frontlines of the second world war, the Mystery Men were protecting the citizens of New York.

The team is made up of some very distinct personalities, with the Robin Hood esque Operative, the mysterious Revenant, the high-flying Aviatrix, sword-wielding Achilles and the spine-chilling Surgeon coming together to battle against the devilish Nox.

So, if you're into a darker, more pulp-y take on the Marvel universe, then be sure to check out the excellent 'Mystery Men: The Golden Age' which features a wonderfully modern take on these often overlooked, yet classic, characters.


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