5 Marvel Resurrections Done Right And 5 That Sucked

As the old saying goes, no one stays dead in the world of Marvel Comics except for Uncle Ben.

As the old saying goes, no one stays dead in the world of Marvel Comics except for Uncle Ben. But not every Marvel superhero (or villain) has been the recipient of a worthwhile resurrection. For every well-conceived revival that inspires engaging new storylines, there€™s an equally confounding and frustrating one that inevitably makes readers ask why this character was even killed off in the first place. Marvel€™s 50/50 track-record in character revivals is pertinent when you consider that starting in April, comic book fans will get a steady diet of resurrections. Peter Parker will be back and web slinging again in an All-New Marvel Now reboot of Amazing Spider-Man, while everyone€™s favorite German mutant, Nightcrawler, who just recently returned to the land of the living in the pages of Amazing X-Men, will star in his very own solo series written by legendary X-Men scribe Chris Claremont. It is anticipated that both series will address what these characters missed while they were away playing dead for a few years. Then, if you turn your attention to Marvel€™s cinematic universe, the first major Marvel comic book movie of 2014 is Captain America: The Winter Soldier, the sequel to 2011€™s Captain America: The First Avenger. The Winter Solider is an adaptation of the mid-2000s comic book arc of the same name, and features (*spoiler*) the return of Cap€™s long-dead World War II partner, Bucky Barnes. Time will tell if the returns of Peter, Nightcrawler and Bucky will be received with cheers or groans from readers and movie-goers. In the meantime, here are five Marvel resurrections that were done right, and five that sucked. Hopefully these can function as a measuring stick for you.
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