5 Marvel Resurrections Done Right And 5 That Sucked

5 Done Right...

5. Hawkeye

The death, return, death (again) and return (again) of Clint Barton, aka Hawkeye, might sound a bit convoluted on paper, but it finds its way into the €œresurrections done right€ side of the ledger based on the unique circumstances of the revival, as well as some of the really interesting stories Hawkeye€™s return generated. After Wanda, the Scarlet Witch, goes crackers and makes a Kree warship appear in Avengers #502, Hawkeye is killed during the ensuing battle when his quiver of exploding arrows catches fire and he sacrifices himself by grabbing onto a Kree soldier and flying into the engine of the aircraft. We don€™t hear anything from Hawkeye for another six months when he is mysteriously resurrected in the House of M miniseries as part of an alternate reality created by Wanda. Hawkeye knows nothing about his death until the heroes receive a collective €œwake up€ call and discover that they are all living in this alternative timeline. Hawkeye confronts Wanda and shoots her in the back with an arrow before he is €œuncreated€ again and killed. What makes Hawkeye€™s eventual resurrection special is the visual readers get in the last installment of House of M. As Captain America and the New Avengers are walking around the remains of their old Avengers Mansion, Cap discovers Clint€™s costume, along with a newspaper article announcing Hawkeye€™s death pinned to the wall with an arrow. After that teaser, Marvel made readers wait a few more months before bringing Hawkeye back for good. That moment comes in New Avengers (vol. 1) #26, when Hawkeye, once again, seeks out Wanda. The two share an intimate moment together, and Hawkeye is finally able to let go and move on with his (restored) life.
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